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Friday, 3 July 2015

Wow, my friends in Loreto Aprutino, on the eastern coast of Italy above Pescara introduced me to this wonderful and special Pecorino from the mountains in Abruzzo. I brought an entire wheel of it home the last time I was visiting with them and doled it out very slowly and it just got better and better! 

 It is made in a beautiful place from beautiful goats by a very caring lady, so of course you will find a beautiful cheese! It is nutty, salty, lasts long on the palette and has a great, sweet tang to it! 

Here is an interesting article by writer Anna Lebedeva about this rare cheese called Pecorino di Farindola.

pecorino di Farindola,pe
pecorino di Farindola,
pecorino di Farindola,

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