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Monday, 13 July 2015

Why the EU is crippling French artisanal cheesemakers

Image result for no to EUWhen the doyen of all things cheese in America Max McCalman posts an article on his FaceBook page from Newsweek regarding the very sad state of affairs in the  French artisanal cheese world, you need to take notice.  The article entitled French Cheesemakers Crippled by EU Health Measures by and

Veronique RICHEZ-LEROUGE, has waged this battle here in France for quite some time now. So she is now joined by Max McCalman on the American front to say - save our cheese! If it can happen in the EU it also happening in the US! 

We, as supporters of artisanal producer, the diversity of our regional countryside and our terroir must not let this situation deteriorate further. A way of life is at stake as well as our own health. This is an example of capitalism when it is at it's worst and this course needs to be changed! Please do your part. Stand up and fight! 

Aux armes chers citoyens et citoyennes! Viva la revolution!

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