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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cheese - the new wine! Why cheese is now the new healthy food.

My friend Anne, a confirmed cheese fan, sent me this article The Health Benefits of Cheese in Berkeley Wellness | .  In it researchers say that cheese, not wine, may be what is largely responsible for the so-called French Paradox! Really?  Whoa! How cool is that? 

In short, some studies are now clearly showing that cheese is indeed good for you!  Despite the saturated fats that exist in cheese all the probiotic properties coupled with the vitamins and minerals are just the tip of the iceberg.

Evidently some studies point to the conjugated linoleic acid in dairy fat and calcium in combination with other dairy components which help reduce body fat. Eating cheese also helps reduce cavities, keeps blood sugars in check for those with diabetes and may even help reduce colon cancer.

Apparently the good news is that recent studies now point towards the health benefits of cheese that us cheeseheads already knew, but now the rest of the world is starting to wake up to! 

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