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Monday, 18 January 2016

Cheese & Sex

Cheese eaters have a more active sex life?  Who knew! Apparently according to an article on the website MinuteBuzz, cheese-addict have more sex than otherpeople.  Yep! You read it right. The results of a survey made by the American dating site Skout, after questioning 4600 members about their sexual habits, the cheese-lovers have it...or at least have it more often!

According to researchers, it is the tryptophan in cheese that make the difference. This amino acid helps boosts serotonin or "the pleasure hormone", so people who eat lots of cheese have higher levels of the stuff coursing through their libido! The best part is that the stronger the cheese strong, the stronger the link.  Yeehah!  Now all you gotta do if eat more cheese especially the smelly, strong ones!

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